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Virtual Reality for Photographers

Virtual Reality Made Virtually Simple
This 3 hour course is designed to teach you how to create seamless QuickTime virtual reality shots.

The demand for QuickTime VRs has skyrocketed in recent years and many high-paying clients ask for these in addition to any other shoots you might provide. However, many shy away from doing them because they think they are difficult.

You’ll learn how to make high-end QuickTime VRs within an hour plus you’ll get a two-hour masterclass on how to painstakingly retouch a QuickTime VR and a bonus video on using the panorama you captured to create the stylish “tiny planet” look.

Details & Requirements

Length: 3 Hours 39 Minutes

Experience Level: Intermediate

Tags: Specialties Workflow

Required Software: Photoshop & PT Gui

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Virtual Reality Los Angeles Observatory

Virtual Reality in Office

Setting Up Your Gear for VR

Stitching for VR

Retouching for VR

Creating Maps for VR


4m 44s

Lesson 1: Serge and Erick Intro

Erick and Serge go over the purpose of the course and what we are going to cover with this course and a few basics

12m 37s

Lesson 2: Serge and Erick Taking Pano Photos

How to setup and calibrate to start shooting,shooting an interior and what type of equipment you can use

20m 13s

Lesson 3: Office PT GUI - Part 1

Getting inside PT GUI, importing your photos with braketing and stitching all photos together, basic color and getting a VR preview. Plus a quick look at different heads you can use for precision panoramas.

19m 55s

Lesson 4: Office Touch-ups in Photoshop

Brining the panorama into Photoshop and correcting any imperfections like the tripod and distortions

11m 17s

Lesson 5: Serge HDR Retouching Office

Now over to Serge to retouch our finalized panorama in Photoshop Camera Raw and Photoshop with all his techniques and how to workaround issues with retouching and seam-lines

19m 56s

Lesson 6: Observatory Pano Part - 1

Stitching an ourdoor Panorama in PT Gui and adding necessary information to get all photos to align seamlessly

19m 49s

Lesson 7: Observatory Pano Part - 2

Continuing our stitch of the outdoor panorama and removing elements that we don't want in our panorama

23m 2s

Lesson 8: Observatory Pano Part - 3

Correcting distortions of elements that moved durring shooting in PT Gui & Photoshop

18m 32s

Lesson 9: Observatory Pano Part - 4

Continuation of distortion corrects and additional touch-ups in Photoshop. Plus how to bring back elements that might have moved during shooting.

20m 15s

Lesson 10: Observatory Pano Part - 5

Additional clean-up and correction of elements in Photoshop where we want to clean up any problem areas.

20m 30s

Lesson 11: Observatory Pano Part - 6

More touch-ups on our completed panorama in Photoshop

7m 44s

Lesson 12: Observatory Pano Part - 7

Completion of all our touch-ups and exporting for retouching.

9m 28s

Lesson 13: Serge HDR Retouching Observatory

Serge retouches the final outdoor panorama in Photoshop using Camera Raw and with his techniques in Photoshop

11m 37s

Lesson 14: Exporting final Quicktime VR & Tiny Planet

Generating the Quicktime VR files, tips & tricks and generating the tiny-planet look as well as different types of images from our final retouched 360 degree panorama image.

Source Files

All files for Project 1 - Office Interior. 75 Raw Files, final stitched file, jpg, hdr, tif, psd & PT Gui Project

Source Files

All files for Project 1 - Observatory Exterior. 78 Raw Files, final stitched file, jpg, hdr, tif, psd & PT Gui Project

Final Files

Contains all files for the completed projects, final VR videos, tiny planets & retouched tiffs

iPad Videos

Contains all lessons as iPad compatible videos

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