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Understanding Photography With Simple Words

Understanding the Basics of Photography
The challenge of this course is to try to explain the basics of photography without using the technical words.

I will give also as many visual examples possible to grasp the different technical aspects of photography.

Details & Requirements

Length: 1 Hour 8 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Specialties Workflow

Required Software: None

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Modern Bridge Panorama

Sunset Bridge in Paris

Pont Neuf Paris

Vintage Opera Paris


1m 26s

Lesson 1: Introduction

An introduction to this course and why I made it

5m 30s

Lesson 2: AV Mode

Camera AV mode: what is aperture, how to use it, depth of field, light and the "AV" mode on your camera

3m 52s

Lesson 3: TV Mode

Camera TV mode: what is shutter speed, how to use it and how it relates to tripods and freehand shooting and subjects in motion

4m 8s

Lesson 4: ISO

ISO: what is it, the use of it, properly exposing photographs and how chaning the ISO can affect quality & noise

4m 31s

Lesson 5: The Manual Mode, the Pro Mode

Camera manual mode: what it is, how to use it and how it relates to shooting sequences of photographs

3m 48s

Lesson 6: Exposure compensation

Expsure compensation & other camera modes: how to use exposure compensation adjust your camera to get the photo you want

2m 55s

Lesson 7: Photos Recipes

Photo recipes: camera settings and the photographs they created, good settings for nighttime, daytime, landscapes, portraits and more

7m 50s

Lesson 8: Lens and Tips & Tricks

Lenses: how lenses work, what the numbers mean, examples, which lenses work good for what types of photos and my tips on lenses

2m 46s

Lesson 9: Raw vs JPG

RAW vs JPG files, what is the difference, how to use each, what each type is good for

2m 22s

Lesson 10: Practical: Daylight

Shooting with me in daylight in paris and how i adjust my camera and use these settings to get my photo

2m 29s

Lesson 11: Practical: Golden hour

Shooting with me in paris during the "golden hour" and my camera settings for this photo

4m 39s

Lesson 12: Practical: Nighttime

Shooting with me in paris at nighttime, using a tripod and my camera settings for this photo plus settings for shooting portraits at night

5m 55s

Lesson 13: The Rules of Composition

Rules of composition: quality of light, rule of 3rds, depth and the message of your photographs

9m 43s

Lesson 14: Intro to Lightroom 4

Retouching in Lightroom, a few basics for quickly improving the quality of your photographs

3m 53s

Lesson 15: Where to Learn Lightroom 4

Reoutching in Lightroom 4, where to learn more

2m 54s

Lesson 16: Intro to Photoshop CS6

Retouching in Photoshop CS6, a basic overview and where to learn more

Source Files

Contains 4 of my high-resultion raw files from paris to demonstrate these basics

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