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Stranger Things Photo Composite

In this course Julius Kähkönen teaches how he creates his successful Stranger Things edit. The edit turned out to be Julius' most successful edit ever and now he wants to teach you how to create it yourself!

You will learn how to create the shadow monster from scratch and how to make it look 3D with his unique lighting techniques. Also he teaches you how to use custom brushes, how to blend seamessly, how to color grade, how to use the brush tool effectively, how to compose images, how to draw with the pen tool and much more!

Take your editing to the next level now in just 10 lessons - all in under an hour!

Details & Requirements

Length: 0 Hours 53 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Tags: Most Popular Photoshop

Required Software: Photoshop CC

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Images Before

Combined Composite After

Watch the entire transformation


1m 27s

Lesson 1: Introduction

In the first lesson I introduce you to the course.

10m 8s

Lesson 2: How to cut and color grade objects

In this lesson I teach you how to use the pen tool and how to color grade objects.

4m 28s

Lesson 3: How to draw the shadow monster

In this lesson I reveal how I created the shadow monster from scratch.

8m 8s

Lesson 4: How to make your 2d objects look 3d using different brush techniques part 1

In the 4th lesson of this course I teach you how to make your 2D objects look 3D with different unique brush techniques.

6m 59s

Lesson 5: How to make your 2d objects look 3d using different brush techniques part 2

This is a continuation of the 4th lesson

7m 51s

Lesson 6: How to blend objects with custom smoke and cloud brushes

Here I teach you how to blend the shadow monster even more in to the sky using custom cloud and fog brushes.

5m 23s

Lesson 7: How to make your objects stand out in your edits

In this lesson I show you how to make the foreground stand out even more in the edit by using a brush to create dramatic lighting

6m 43s

Lesson 8: How to make your edits dramatic with lighting and color adjustments

I show you how I do my final lighting adjustments and how I add the dramatic look to my edits.

1m 58s

Lesson 9: Concluding words

In this final lesson I give you my concluding words

Source Files

All source files for the course.

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