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Serge Ramelli Signature Special Effects Preset

There are a lot of special effects out there which are very popular on social media and especially Instagram. If you have ever wondered how this kind of look is achieved and I guess a lot of you have, as this is one of the most asked questions. How to get that super contrasty desaturated look, the Hollywood film look, or what to do with a bad weather photo. How to achieve fine art level black and white. You will find the answers to these and many more in this special effects series. I have gathered in this collection some of the most popular effects that have worked for me over the years. This is hundreds of hours of research at your disposal in a single click!

This bundle includes a total of 38 presets.

Details & Requirements

Length: 0 Hours 11 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Most Popular Presets Most Popular 30 for 9 Lightroom On Sale

Required Software: Lightroom or Photoshop with free Camera RAW plug in

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets


11m 8s

Lesson 1: How to install and use the Presets

Here I teach you how to install and use the presets.

Source File

Source File to download to follow along with the lesson.

Photoshop Camera RAW Presets

Download Photoshop Presets from here. (They are in the XMP format)

Lightroom Presets

Download Lightroom Presets from here. (They are in the lrtemplate format)

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