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Scottish Highlands Photo Composite

In this course digital artist Julius Kähkönen will reveal his secrets on how to draw and create realistic mountains in Photoshop. Including 10 amazing source files and 10 super in depth lessons. The end result will bring you into a surreal, yet stunning setting in the Scottish Highlands. Including clipping masks, drawing-, blending- and composing techniques. Julius also reveals his unique lighting and color grading techniques.

Details & Requirements

Length: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Tags: Most Popular In-Depth Most Popular Photoshop Workflow On Sale

Required Software: Photoshop CC

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Images Before

Final Composite


9m 41s

Lesson 1: How to create custom shapes and objects

In the first lesson of this course I teach you my unique way on how to draw objects easily in Photshop using the lasso tool and a brush!

19m 34s

Lesson 2: How to use clipping masks to fill in drawn objects

In this lesson I show you how to fill the objects drawn in the first lesson by using clipping masks.

10m 0s

Lesson 3: How to compose multiple images together

In the third lesson I will show you how I created the ground of the edit including 3 different objects: the land, the road and a lake.

11m 37s

Lesson 4: How to blend drawn and filled objects in a realistic way

If you have ever struggled with blending, this lesson will save you a lot of frustration. I show you my unique and easy way on how to blend different.

9m 53s

Lesson 5: How to blend objects in depth

This is a continuation for the 4th lesson and I will show you couple more tricks on how to blend images better together.

9m 32s

Lesson 6: How to blend objects to make your edit look super realistic

In this lesson I teach you the final way on how to take your blending to the next level and make the image look like a surreal photograph.

16m 27s

Lesson 7: How to create unique lighting to your edit

Now I reveal my secrets on how to add super realistic lighting into your edits using a brush and different lighting methods!

8m 36s

Lesson 8: How to make your edits look dreamy and colorful

In this lesson we will take the lighting tricks even further and I will also show you how to blend your colors together and how to make your edits.

8m 32s

Lesson 9: How to create fog and add people into your edits.

In the final editing lesson I will teach you how to add realistic fog into your edits and also how to add silhouette objects to your bright edits!

3m 43s

Lesson 10: Final thoughts

In this lesson I will quickly summarize everything you learned.

Source Files

All source files for the course.

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