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Retouching Master Class

Everything You Need
This course covers everything from mastering the black & white workflow, getting the best results with your raw files before making them into panoramas, adding drama to photos, correctly exposing highlights and recovering drama without too much of the “HDR look”, stylizing photos, bringing life to dull photos, shooting dramatic foggy photos, shooting straight into a sunset, selective clarity enhancements, how to get the best out of your night photos, recovering boring skies and much, much more.

Previously called:"Paris in Spring Volume 1: A Journey in Light & Paris in Spring Volume 2: A Journey in Time"

Details & Requirements

Length: 3 Hours 26 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Most Popular Workflow

Required Software: Lightroom & Photoshop

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Pont Neuf Black and White

Pont Neuf Panorama

Eiffel Tower from Underneath

Eiffel Tower

Pont Alexandre III

Eiffel Tower from Pont Alexandre III Black and White

Paris Skyline Sunset

Paris Skyline Night

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel Panorama

Louvre Panorama - Before

Louvre Panorama - After

Louvre - Before

Louvre - After

Carrousel du Louvre - Before

Carrousel du Louvre - After

Seine Panorama - Before

Seine Panorama - After

Pont des Arts - Before

Pont des Arts - After

Pont des Arts Black and White - Before

Pont des Arts Black and White - After

Framed Notre Dame - Before

Framed Notre Dame - After

Notre Dame Long Exposure - Before

Notre Dame Long Exposure - After

Notre Dame Lights - Before

Notre Dame Lights - After

Notre Dame Night - Before

Notre Dame Night - After


11m 15s

Lesson 1: Dramatic Black & Whites

Mastering my full workflow for dramatic black & white photos in Lightroom

15m 18s

Lesson 2: RAW Files

How to get the best out of your raw files before you make them into panoramas

7m 20s

Lesson 3: Exposing for Highlights

How to correctly expose for the highlights and recover drama without having too much of an “HDR look”

5m 32s

Lesson 4: Stylization

Stylizing boring color photos

11m 57s

Lesson 5: Bringing Life to Sunrise

Bringing to life a dull sunrise photo

8m 14s

Lesson 6: Drama & Fog

Expanding on dramatic & foggy photos

10m 39s

Lesson 7: Retouch Direct Sunset

Retouching a sunset photo shot right into the lens

7m 30s

Lesson 8: Night Photos

How to get the best out of a night photo

15m 52s

Lesson 9: Fixing Flat Skies

How to get drama when you have just a flat blue sky

8m 37s

Lesson 10: Selective Clarity & Composition

Understanding composition and using selective clarity

17m 0s

Lesson 11: Panorama Basics

Making a panorama and correcting serious distortion problems.

14m 45s

Lesson 12: Speeding Up Retouching

How to speed up your retouching process by using synchronization.

7m 37s

Lesson 13: Creative with Boring Colors

How to get creative when the original colors are boring.

12m 1s

Lesson 14: Contrast & Colors

Playing around with contrast in cool and warm colors.

7m 51s

Lesson 15: Middle-of-the-Night Drama

Making a middle-of-the-night drama photo.

10m 44s

Lesson 16: Black & White Process for Drama

One of my favorite black and white conversion process for super drama.

9m 55s

Lesson 17: Recovering Lost Color Information

Selective clarity and how to recover lost color information and rules of composition.

8m 15s

Lesson 18: Color Long Exposures

Going color with long exposures photos and getting rid of the long exposure color cast.

8m 3s

Lesson 19: Guiding the Eyes of the Viewer

Retouching a photo after sunset and guiding the eyes of the viewer.

8m 34s

Lesson 20: Retouching when No White Balance Fits

Retouching a photo taken in the middle of the night and what to do when no basic white balance settings fit.

Source Files

Contains 32 of my high-resolution RAW photos to follow along with these projects

iPad Videos

Contains all lessons as iPad compatible videos

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