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Photoshop Workflow

Make your ideas come to life!

In this course I teach you how to take your ideas and bring it all the way to a finished piece of art. We start of with some basics and I will lead you gradually through all the techniques you need to create these composites. We will go through 7 complete projects containing 29 lessons and by the time you are done, you will be able to create your own works of art.


Details & Requirements

Length: 5 Hours 5 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Tags: Most Popular Photoshop

Required Software: Photoshop CC

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets


10m 40s

Lesson 1: Landscape Water - Drama in Reflections

In this lesson, I show you how to create dramatic reflections in water. Pretty simple trick, but it works every time!

13m 17s

Lesson 2: Moon Man - Creating an Alien Plane

Here, we learn to clone stamp out some elements and create a nice plane for our alien landscape.

17m 37s

Lesson 3: Moon Man - Stellar Skies and Landscapes

In this lesson, we insert a starry sky, and some mountains to help create our alien planet.

17m 5s

Lesson 4: Moon Man - La Luna

In this lesson, we add the moon and nice glows to make it look like its reflecting light.

19m 26s

Lesson 5: Moon Man - Sunrays and Final Touches

Here, we create sun beams and a light source to tie it all together.

8m 28s

Lesson 6: Eiffel Tiger - Killer Fog

In this first lesson of this project, we create fog in the background to add depth.

10m 46s

Lesson 7: Eiffel Tiger - Grrrreat Cutout

Next, we cutout the tiger and place him in our composite.

9m 8s

Lesson 8: Eiffel Tiger - Shading

In this lesson, we create a shadow in the right perspective and more shading on the tiger.

17m 40s

Lesson 9: Eiffel Tiger - Snowy Forecast

Here, we create snow and snowy footprints!

8m 42s

Lesson 10: Eiffel Tiger - Furry Snow

In this lesson, we learn how to make custom brushes and make a snow brush, to then add snow on the tiger.

6m 52s

Lesson 11: Eiffel Tiger - City of Lighting Tigers

In this lesson, we add all the lighting and color to bring it all together.

6m 8s

Lesson 12: Light bulb Fish - Penning an Idea

In this lesson, we learn to outline the light bulb using the pen tool and creating a vector path.

17m 10s

Lesson 13: Light bulb Fish - Light Water

Here, we learn to create the water in the bulb from three pieces

10m 14s

Lesson 14: Light bulb Fish - Shady Idea

In this lesson, we learn how to creating shading and lighting to to make the bulb and water more realistic.

7m 12s

Lesson 15: Light bulb Fish - Finding Nautilus

Here we cutout the clownfish and add him into the light bulb.

6m 26s

Lesson 16: Light bulb Fish - Cloudy

We then add clouds and birds using cool brushes.

7m 32s

Lesson 17: Light bulb Fish - Ray of Light

In this lesson we add a sun and flares and then colorize it all to bring it together.

9m 4s

Lesson 18: Flying Man - Making the Skyline

In this lesson we take a New York skyline and edit it to make it more dramatic and fitting to the flying man.

13m 14s

Lesson 19: Flying Man - Cutting out Man

We then cut out the man to extract him from the “Jumping in the Lake” photo, to place him above the skyline.

17m 14s

Lesson 20: Flying Man - For the Birds

We then outline some birds and drop them in the composite. We colorize them and add some blur to give them motion.

6m 3s

Lesson 21: Flying Man - Flying in Style

We end off by colorizing the composite and a couple of tricks to bring it all together.

11m 0s

Lesson 22: Vatican - O Fortuna

In this lesson, we use Camera Raw to do some basic color grading, and then outline the model.

6m 54s

Lesson 23: Vatican - Veni Vidi Vici

In this lesson we put in some clouds and make the model look like the real thing!

5m 29s

Lesson 24: Woman in Glass - Leaf it to Beaver

In this lesson, we outline the leaf and create a darker background.

9m 48s

Lesson 25: Woman in Glass - Mug Shot

Here, we outline the mug and drop it into our composite. We also learn about gradient maps and colorize the liquid.

10m 6s

Lesson 26: Woman in Glass - Thumbelina

We then drop in the photo of the woman under water and blend her into the mug.

7m 9s

Lesson 27: Woman in Glass - Blurry Reflexes

In this lesson we learn to make complex reflections and how to treat them to have the appropriate amount of blur.

9m 56s

Lesson 28: Woman in Glass - Learning Fractions

In this lesson, we create refractions in the glass so that the background shows through into the mug.

4m 58s

Lesson 29: Woman in Glass - Color Me This!

We finish this project with some cool colorizing techniques and final touches.

Source Files

All source files for the course.

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