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Photoshop CS6: Quickstart

Learning the Basics to Create your Best Photos
Learn how to use the basis of Photoshop CS 6 to get the best out of your photos in a series of 8 video tutorials.

Also, get access to amazing high-res pictures (raw files) so you can follow along the retouch process and get the same results!

Details & Requirements

Length: 1 Hour 56 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Quickstart Most Popular Photoshop On Sale

Required Software: Photoshop CS6

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Kitchen Interior

Landscape Sunset

La Defense Sunset

Luxembourg Gardens

Portrait with Bokeh

Seine Paris by Day

Mairie de Paris

Black and White building


2m 54s

Lesson 1: Introduction

Let’s go over what we are going to do in this training videos.

35m 28s

Lesson 2: Camera Raw

In this video, we will start exploring all the new options of Camera 7, retouching three photos in raw.

14m 45s

Lesson 3: Filter Adaptive Wide-Angle

In this video we will see how to correct wide-angle photos with the new filter Adaptive Wide-Angle.

7m 23s

Lesson 4: Content Aware Tools

In this video we will see the new Content Aware Tools Patch tools & Move tools.

9m 59s

Lesson 5: HDR

In this quick video we HDR three photos first with Photoshop CS 6 and then Photomatix

19m 57s

Lesson 6: Black & White

Let’s explores Black & White to create dramatic photos.

19m 32s

Lesson 7: The new Blur Filters

We will use each of the new Blur Filters for creating special effects that were hard to achieve in previous version.

6m 37s

Lesson 8: The new Lighting Filter

The new Lighting filter is a lot easier to use with a fresh interface.

Source Files

Contains 15 of my high-resolution RAW photographs to follow along with!

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