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Photoshop: Panoramas

Simple Workflows for Creating Beautiful Panoramas
This training course will take you through all the steps for making great panoramas.

From shooting to retouching your raw files first in Camera Raw and then merging them in Photoshop CS 6. You will also find out how to make HDR panoramas with the help of Photomatix and how to correct wide lens distortions.

Get access to amazing high-res pictures (raw files) so you can follow along the retouch process and get the same results!

Details & Requirements

Length: 0 Hours 57 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Quickstart 9 for 9 30 for 9 Photoshop On Sale

Required Software: Photoshop

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Notre Dame and Rooftops Panorama

Vintage Opera Paris Panorama

Seine River Paris Panorama

Seine River Paris Panorama Night


1m 19s

Lesson 1: Introduction

Welcome to this course on making panoramas, let me show you everything we are going to cover

2m 33s

Lesson 2: How to Shoot a Day Pano

In this video, I will show you in the field how to set up your camera to shoot panoramas during the day

8m 44s

Lesson 3: Prepare Raw Files for the Day Pano

We are going to see what to do with the raw files out of the camera and what retouching needs to be done before we merge them together

7m 46s

Lesson 4: Merging the Day Pano

Now we will merge all the photos together and correct all the distortions that resulted from merging all the photos

8m 26s

Lesson 5: Final Touches Day Pano

Here we do all the final touches to our panorama

1m 55s

Lesson 6: Shooting the HDR night pano

In this video, I will show you in the field how to set up your camera to shoot panoramas during the evening

3m 56s

Lesson 7: Preparing Raw Files for the Night Pano

Here we prepare our HDR night pano RAW files

5m 24s

Lesson 8: Tone Mapping the Night Pano

Using Photomatix to create our HDR peices for our pano, and tone map them: taking our 3 exposures and blending them together into one photo

6m 40s

Lesson 9: Retouch & Merge the HDR Night Pano

Now we take our final 7 HDR photos, retouch them and merge them into a really high resolution beautfiul panorama

10m 39s

Lesson 10: Retouch & Merge the non-HDR Night Pano

This video we take our-non bracketed night time shot and create our panorama without using HDR

Source Files

Contains 27 of my high-resolution RAW files to follow along with, retouch and make into panoramas

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