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Photoshop Actions: Color

Photoshop Actions to Enhance and Alter Color with One Click!

I've designed these Photoshop Actions to quickly enhance or change the color of your photos by just running a Photoshop Action. Included in this package are 10 additional actions, for free, from my Basic Actions Collection for landscapes.

Included in this package are 12 Photoshop Actions to adjust color on your photos: Warm Up, Warm Up Extreme, Cool Down, Cool Down Extreme, Outdoor Greens & Blues, Bleached Outdoors, Bring Back Colors, Teal & Orange, Gloomy, London Rain, Magenta+ & Magenta++.

As a bonus, you get my 10 Basic Actions for free! Included in my Basics actions are: Extreme Details, Starting Point, Starting Point Extreme, Contrast+, Contrast-,  Exposure+, Exposure-, Clear Day Brighten, Recover Highlights, Recover Shadows.

I've found the Camera Raw engine inside of Photoshop to be one of the best and most robust way to edit photos, so I've designed most of my actions around this method.

These actions are meant to: 

1. Help you quickly adjust your photos in Photoshop

2. Non-destructively edit your photo.

3. Allow you to mix and match looks to get something that looks great and enhances the message of your photograph.

4. Help train you on Photoshop

5. Give you a great starting point from where you can fine tune using Photoshop.

I've also implemented a way to retain the settings used in the Camera Raw alterations made during the running of the action so you can refer to them for learning or tweaking. How to do this and how to install and use is explained in the included ReadMes file with the course.

Details & Requirements

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Actions Photoshop

Required Software: Photoshop CC

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Color Gloomy: Before

Color Gloomy: After

Color Teal & Orange: Before

Color Teal & Orange: After

Color Bring Back Colors: Before

Color Bring Back Colors: After

Color Bleached Outdoors: Before

Color Bleached Outdoors: After

Color Bleached Warm Up & Warm Up Extreme: Before

Color Bleached Warm Up & Warm Up Extreme: After

Color Magenta: Before

Color Magenta: After

Color London Rain: Before

Color London Rain: After

Basics Starting Point: Before

Basics Starting Point: After

Basics Clear Day Brighten: Before

Basics Clear Day Brighten: After

Basics Recover Shadows: Before

Basics Recover Shadows: After

Basics Contrast: Before

Basics Contrast: After

Basics Recover Highlights and Contrast: Before

Basics Recover Highlights and Contrast: After


Photoshop Actions: Colors

Included in this package are 12 Photoshop Actions to adjust color on your photos: Warm Up, Warm Up Extreme, Cool Down, Cool Down Extreme, Outdoor Greens & Blues, Bleached Outdoors, Bring Back Colors, Teal & Orange, Gloomy, London Rain, Magenta+ & Magenta++.

Photoshop Actions: Basics

As a bonus, you get my 10 Basic Actions for free! Included in my Basics actions are: Extreme Details, Starting Point, Starting Point Extreme, Contrast+, Contrast-, Exposure+, Exposure-, Clear Day Brighten, Recover Highlights, Recover Shadows.

Installation - Read Me

ReadMe file to show you how to install these actions in to Photoshop.

How To Use - Read Me

ReadMe file explaining how to use these actions as well as use them as a starting point for tweaking.

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