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Photoshop 3D: Quickstart

Learn the World of 3D within Photoshop
In this course you will learn how to import and create 3D objects, place them into your photos, position them, color them and render them all within Photoshop!

Like usual this course keeps it simple, and shows you the basics so you can easily and quickly get professional looking 3D results in just minutes.

This course contains all the training you need to get started with 3D in Photoshop and 2 amazing 3D models: The Moon (accurate to our own moon!) and an Audi RSQ.

Details & Requirements

Length: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

Experience Level: Intermediate

Tags: Specialties Workflow

Required Software: Photoshop

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Quai de Seine without Car

Quai de Seine with Car

Batignolles without Moon

Batignolles with Moon


1m 12s

Lesson 1: Course Intro

We quickly go over what we are going to learn in this course!

13m 26s

Lesson 2: Intro to 3D Navigation

Creating a basic 3D shape (modeling)

10m 54s

Lesson 3: Modeling Basics

Creating 3D text (for logos or text)

16m 23s

Lesson 4: The Moon - Creating

Creating The Moon with real moon textures & topographical data.

15m 4s

Lesson 5: The Moon - Rendering

Rendering The Moon with realistic lighting.

6m 25s

Lesson 6: The Moon - Adding to a Photo

Placing the Moon into a photograph.

21m 35s

Lesson 7: Car Project - Part 1

Importing the car model, lighting it, coloring it & getting realistic looking reflections for the photo.

17m 30s

Lesson 8: Car Project - Part 2

Rendering the car & adding special effects & final details.

Source Files

Contains all the files you need to follow along plus a high quality 3d models of an Audio RSQ

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