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Photography Business Masterclass


Make Money with Your Photography!

In my Photography Business Masterclass I will show you what I used to create a successful photography business!

I will show you everything from contacting clients, creating business connections, creating niche photography for specific clients and getting your foot in the door to paid photography.

I include lessons on all social media sites, portfolios for business, how to create a website and even give you invoice templates and suggested rate sheets so you can sell your work!

In this course, I also show you how to use Youtube and 500px to create a name for yourself and showcase your work. 

I give you all of the tools you need to make a career in photography!

This course is not affected by discounts. 

Details & Requirements

Length: 3 Hours 6 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Most Popular 6 for 20 Workflow On Sale

Required Software: Photoshop CC & Illustrator CC

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets


9m 17s

Lesson 1: Are You Ready?

What it takes to start being a Pro photographer

5m 52s

Lesson 2: Find your Niche!

Hotels, Restaurants, Real Estate, Weddings & Pack Shots...

9m 47s

Lesson 3: What is the Minimum Requirement to Start?

Have a Logo, a Website, Facebook Page and an Instagram Page

17m 0s

Lesson 4: How Much Should You Charge?

How to find the right price at the right level

9m 58s

Lesson 5: How to Get Your First Customers

Working for free at first can be an option to build a portfolio

17m 56s

Lesson 6: Sales Simulation Part 1

I show you how I contact clients and get work from them over the phone.

1m 3s

Lesson 7: Sales Simulation Part 2

I show you how I contact clients and get work from them over the phone.

4m 45s

Lesson 8: What is the Best Way to Deliver Photos to Your Customer?

Using a Pro gallery will get you a long way

1m 49s

Lesson 9: How do You Invoice and Collect Money?

Deliver Professional Invoices

4m 46s

Lesson 10: The Right Way to Use Social Media

Post on Social Media to show you are a working photographer

4m 26s

Lesson 11: The Importance of Name Dropping

Gain the trust of customers by showing who you have worked for

8m 21s

Lesson 12: How do you Use YouTube to Make Yourself Known?

YouTube is the Second Biggest Website on the Planet

29m 0s

Lesson 13: How do you use Instagram to Boost your Business?

Instagram is THE Photographic Social Media Site

8m 36s

Lesson 14: How do You Use Facebook to Boost Your Business

Creating Ads with facebook

5m 9s

Lesson 15: Why You Should Have Two Websites

One for the Images and One for the Information

19m 11s

Lesson 16: The Value of 500px and its Best Practices

You could become a star overnight on 500px!

2m 33s

Lesson 17: What About Google Plus and Flickr?

Using Circles to speed up your following

6m 19s

Lesson 18: Creating and Using a Mailing List

Use your Social Media to build a Mailing List and Use it!

13m 27s

Lesson 19: How to Create Newsletters with MailChimp

Simple and Effective Newsletters in just minutes!

3m 25s

Lesson 20: My thoughts on Stock Photography and the Reality of the Market

I give you my insight into the world of Stock Photography

4m 9s

Lesson 21: The Importance of Working on Personal Projects!

How I got the Biggest Deals in the Long Run with my Personal Projects

Source Files

Contains a Gear Guide, 12 Logo Templates, Price Sheets, Invoice Template, YouTube & Instagram Reference Sheets

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