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My Full Workflow from Shoot to Retouch

The Lightroom & Photoshop Post-Process Workflow
In this training course I will take you to Paris and Israel to show you my full workflow with the settings that I use and how I find my compositions.

We will use Lightroom and Photoshop for post-processing.

You will get more then 3 hours of videos and over 30 raw files to train with!

Details & Requirements

Length: 3 Hours 22 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: In-Depth Workflow

Required Software: Lightroom, Photoshop & Photomatix

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Paris Bridge at Night with Color FX Pro

Long Exposure Notre Dame

Parisian Skyline at Night

Notre Dame Vintage Long Exposure

Tel Aviv Skyline

Waterfall Long Exposure


4m 56s

Lesson 1: Paris sunset project: Shooting

Shooting straight into the sun

12m 6s

Lesson 2: Paris sunset project: Regular

A classic one raw file retouch

12m 44s

Lesson 3: Paris sunset project: HDR

Making an HDR with the same photos

9m 59s

Lesson 4: Paris sunset project: Long exposure

Shooting and retouching a long exposure

1m 31s

Lesson 5: Paris sunset project: Compare

Let's see the different results

3m 4s

Lesson 6: Bridge in Paris: Shooting

A shooting at night of the pont La tournelle

20m 21s

Lesson 7: Bridge in Paris: Retouching

Retouch from A to Z

1m 6s

Lesson 8: Waterfall: Shoot

How to make "long exposure" by hand !

10m 9s

Lesson 9: Waterfall: Retouch

Making the long exposure in Photoshop

1m 54s

Lesson 10: Waterfall: Filter

Shooting with an ND 1000 filter

9m 29s

Lesson 11: Waterfall: Retouching filter

Retouching the ND filter photos

0m 36s

Lesson 12: Waterfall: Conclusion

Let's review what we have done so far

4m 19s

Lesson 13: Beach: Shoot

Shooting a long and short exposure of a beach

14m 33s

Lesson 14: Beach: Retouch long

Retouch from A to Z of long exposure

9m 36s

Lesson 15: Beach: Retouch short

Retouch from A to Z of short exposure

2m 40s

Lesson 16: Panoramas: Shoot

Shooting a panorama from a tall building

17m 0s

Lesson 17: Panoramas: Retouch panorama before

Retouching the photo before sunset panorama

12m 18s

Lesson 18: Panoramas: Retouch panorama

Retouching the photo at sunset panorama

17m 51s

Lesson 19: Panoramas: Paris roof

Making a panorama of the roofs of Paris, photo taken from one of the tallest building

6m 17s

Lesson 20: Long exposure: Shoot

Shooting long exposures by Notre Dame

13m 17s

Lesson 21: Long exposure: Notre Dame Long exposure

Retouching the long exposure

11m 15s

Lesson 22: Long exposure: HDR

making an HDR of Notre Dame

5m 21s

Lesson 23: Long exposure: Shoot: Regular

Making a one exposure photo Notre Dame

Source Files

Contains 34 of my high-resolution RAW photographs to follow along with!

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