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Making Films From Your Photos

Easily create films from your photos and videos

We all have hundreds, if not thousands of still photographs and motion clips silently sitting in file folders on our computers, sadly neglected and just looking for that touch of motion pizzaz to make them centerpieces in the client's reception area or on your family's social media video pages. In this course I take you through the introductory lessons of learning Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014 which are all aimed at getting every beginner up and running at a proficient level to create movies from your still and motion content.

With the proliferation of moving images over the last decade, clients are more and more asking for professional slideshows or behind the scenes featurettes and motion displays for lobby areas. You can lose a lot of paying work these days if you can't provide or don't know how to turn these around rapidly. And this course will take you from total beginner to creating professional looking videos for your photos in just over an hour of simple instruction.

And as an additional lesson, I'll take you through the rapid way to put together your family videos to share great films that your family will love to watch time and time again. Let's get started!

Details & Requirements

Length: 3 Hours 2 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Specialties Workflow

Required Software: Premiere

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Sample Video from Photos

Samples Video with Advanced Transitions

Samples Video with Photos and Video 1

Samples Video with Photos and Video 2


7m 15s

Lesson 1: An Overview of Premiere’s Interface

In this lesson we learn how to open Premiere, create a new project with the correct settings, what each of the main components of the Premiere interface are and how to manipulate them for your workflow or reset them if something goes wrong.

5m 46s

Lesson 2: Importing Media and Creating Sequences

For this lesson we cover four ways of bringing media into Premiere Pro, how to use the media browser to preview footage, what a sequence is and how to create one and some shortcuts for creating sequences from the footage you have to ensure the settings are perfect.

8m 46s

Lesson 3: Adding Media to Your Sequence

Here we cover the different ways to bring media into your sequence, how to change the default time length still photos are displayed for, how to use the source monitor to add media to your timeline, as well as more details about the source monitor, the time-line, adding music and much more.

14m 59s

Lesson 4: An Overview of the Premiere Pro Toolset

Lesson four covers the selection tool for selecting and changing the length of clips, the track select tools (forwards and backwards), using ripple and rolling edit tools, speeding up and slowing down clips, when and why to use the slip and slide edit tools as well as basic interface navigation and controlling transparency and volume of individual clips.

25m 49s

Lesson 5: Selecting and Sequencing Photos

In this lesson I show you how to add groups photos at a single go, methods for sorting your footage, basic editing arrangements for telling stories, moving media on the timeline and deleting and moving media with shortcuts.

12m 32s

Lesson 6: Another Method for Sequencing Photos (The Faster Way)

Now we learn to use the project panel to preview your media rapidly and then bring this into the source monitor and rapidly place sequential material.

12m 36s

Lesson 7: Adding Motion to Your Photos

For adding motion there are a few important concepts that we learn in this lesson: Keyframes, and how to use them, how to access effects for individual media, scaling, positioning and rotating to create movement, speeding up and slowing down motion, horizontal movement for panoramas and how to directly manipulate media in the program monitor to set keyframes and position.

19m 0s

Lesson 8: Adding Transitions and Titles

Here we lear what a transition is, how to deal with shifting keyframes after transitions have been applied, using default Premiere transitions, how to shorten transitions, adding multiple transitions and how to use Premiere’s built in titling program to create interesting text titles rapidly.

8m 18s

Lesson 9: Effects and Advanced Motion Techniques

Now we get into the fun stuff: advanced features in Premiere that you should start using, how to access and apply effects, applying 3d movement to a photo and applying 3d movement to multiple clips at the same time.

6m 43s

Lesson 10: Exporting Your Videos

Exporting can seem like a very complicated process, but here we learn the easy and simple way to get the best results for your footage.

60m 55s

Lesson 11: Bonus Project: Editing a Family Vacation Video

Finally (as a bonus video) I show you how i edit a home movie from beginning to end, tips and tricks to speed up the editing process, how to edit to the beat of a song and using both videos and photos on your timeline.

Source Files

Contains all of the assets needed to follow along, including: all photos, videos, audio clips as well as the Premiere projects and everything else!

iPad Videos

Contains all lessons as iPad compatible videos

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