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Lightroom 5: Retouching

Turn Mediocre Photos into Works of Art!
This is the longest training course of over 3 hours.

You will get a video for each retouching tool with exclusive photos only—not used on the YouTube channel—demonstrating how it works on one big retouch project.

Then you have 7 projects from A to Z showing you a full retouch, all with the raw files included.

Details & Requirements

Length: 3 Hours 4 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: In-Depth Most Popular 9 for 9 30 for 9 Lightroom On Sale

Required Software: Lightroom 5

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Basic Retouch - Before

Basic Retouch - After

Front Yard - Before

Front Yard - After

Cavalry - Before

Cavalry - After

Musée d'Orsay - Before

Musée d'Orsay - After

Notre Dame - Before

Notre Dame - After


7m 54s

Lesson 1: Tone Sliders & Histograms

The basic tone sliders, a short explanation of the histogram and how they relate to these settings

6m 7s

Lesson 2: White Balance

How to set the white balance and what is it?

2m 19s

Lesson 3: Vibrance, Saturation & Clarity

How to set up the Vibrance, saturation and clarity on your photos

3m 33s

Lesson 4: Curves

Curves. How to set the curves

7m 19s

Lesson 5: HSL Sliders

Hue, Saturation and luminance sliders, very powerfull tools to set your colors as you like

5m 38s

Lesson 6: Sharpening & Noise Reduction

Noise and sharpen, how to get the noise out and sharpen your photos

10m 30s

Lesson 7: Correcting Lens Distortion

Lens distortion, how to correct it

2m 49s

Lesson 8: Calibration

Camera Calibration

6m 10s

Lesson 9: Graduated Filter

Tool Bar: Graduated filter, a powerful tool to make great skies!

7m 31s

Lesson 10: Brush Tool

Tool Bar: Brush Tool, how to change local lights and colors on your photo like a painter!

6m 29s

Lesson 11: New Filter

Tool Bar: a new filter in Lightroom that has many uses

5m 16s

Lesson 12: Spot Removal

Tool Bar: Spot removal tool

1m 55s

Lesson 13: Looking for Spots to Remove

Tool Bar: Spot removal tool, visualize spots

5m 14s

Lesson 14: Crop Tool

Tool Bar: The crop tool

1m 12s

Lesson 15: Before & After

Tool Bar: Final before and after

14m 49s

Lesson 16: Retouching Project #1

a Day light photo at Culver Studio California

17m 14s

Lesson 17: Retouching Project #2

A long exposure photo of Notre Dame in Paris

15m 27s

Lesson 18: Retouching Project #3

Black and white artistic Photography

8m 12s

Lesson 19: Retouching Project #4

Portrait retouching!

13m 57s

Lesson 20: Retouching Project #5

House Florida, the importance of shooting underexpose and raw compare to JPG

10m 33s

Lesson 21: Retouching Project #6

Selective Color and working with Photoshop

12m 38s

Lesson 22: Retouching Project #7

Panorama, the importance of shooting manual and the ability to sync your retouching settings

5m 43s

Lesson 23: Creating Presets

How to create Presets

6m 14s

Lesson 24: Installing Presets

How to install Presets

Before & Afters

Contains all of the before and after images from this course as JPGs

Source Files

Contains 10 of my high-resolution RAW files to follow along with and retouch

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