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Lightroom 4: Quickstart

Learn the Essentials to Get Started with Lightroom Today
Master Lightroom in a couple of hours. This quickstart course will take you through all the modules of Lightroom and give you the essential knowledge to rapidly use the software, in a fun and easy way of learning.

Learn how to import, retouch, GPS tag, create books, print, create slideshows, create web galleries and more with all the modules of Lightroom 4.

Details & Requirements

Length: 2 Hours 29 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Quickstart Most Popular Lightroom On Sale

Required Software: Lightroom 4

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Countryside Landscape - Before

Countryside Landscape - After

Luxembourg Gardens - Before

Luxembourg Gardens - After

Interior Design - Before

Interior Design - After

Roofs of Paris - Before

Roofs of Paris - After


3m 53s

Lesson 1: Introduction

A quick overview of this course

9m 38s

Lesson 2: Import module

Let’s see how to import photos into Lightroom

35m 47s

Lesson 3: Retouching Module Part 1

Let’s see what are the retouching features of Lightroom

24m 36s

Lesson 4: Retouching Module Part 2

Let’s go see some other examples of photos to be retouched

11m 3s

Lesson 5: Export and collections

Let’s see how to export photos out of Lightroom 4 and how collections work

5m 3s

Lesson 6: Map module

Let’s explore the new map module

17m 20s

Lesson 7: Book module

Let’s do a book with Lightroom

10m 44s

Lesson 8: Slideshows module

Let’s do a slide show with music

16m 24s

Lesson 9: Print module

Let’s see what options do we have for printing from Lightroom

15m 5s

Lesson 10: Web module

Let’s see how we can do a web galleries to share our photos with friends and customers

Source Files

Contains 9 of my high-resolution RAW files to follow along with and retouch plus 3 bonus web gallery templates

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