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Landscape Masterclass

The Landscape Masterclass will take your photography to the next level!

This is my most comprehensive Landscape course to date.

Over 7 hours of video training, where I take you on location, and show you my entire process from shooting to my full retouching workflow.

Details & Requirements

Length: 7 Hours 27 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Most Popular Lightroom

Required Software: Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Landscape - Before

Landscape - After

Landscape - Before

Landscape - After



Landscape - Before

Landscape - After

Long Exposure


Landscape - Before

Landscape - After

Landscape - Before

Landscape - After

Landscape - Before

Landscape - After

Landscape - Before

Landscape - After

Landscape - Before

Landscape - After



IMPORTANT: Landscape Masterclass Checklist

7m 41s

Lesson 2: Definition of Photography

Let’s start by the basic if you have a good understanding of the word, it is going to help what to look for.

4m 0s

Lesson 3: A live example of basic set up and exposure compensation

Exposure compensation is super important so that you don’t let your camera decide for you’re the exposition of the photo, but you can fine tune it

9m 11s

Lesson 4: What F-stop to use for Landscapes

That is simple question but the answer can be complex, it varies based on the situation

8m 56s

Lesson 5: The Rule of Thirds

A very simple rule to better position your sky, monument, sea etc...

3m 33s

Lesson 6: Play with leading lines

How to get more depths in your photo, leading live will help

2m 13s

Lesson 7: Frame in the frame

That is a cool trick that can make your photos pop and more 3D

2m 54s

Lesson 8: Foreground, middle ground, background

That is the basics of composition, this how to organize elements so that the viewer is pulled into your photo

2m 22s

Lesson 9: Example of compositions Glenorchie New Zealand.

A little walk in this beautiful place in Queenstown

9m 42s

Lesson 10: Retouching The Glenorchie photos

Let’s retouch the photo from this beautiful autumn fields

3m 38s

Lesson 11: Shooting during daylight

That is not the best choice, but here is some tips and tricks to make it nice

11m 28s

Lesson 12: Daylight photos black and white

Some daylight photos with great clouds make great black and white photos

14m 47s

Lesson 13: Daylight photos with special effects

Sometime you need to add a bit of magic to a photo that would otherwise be boring

8m 28s

Lesson 14: Using presets for daylight photos

Installing Lightroom presets and playing around with the Photo Serge Landscape Presets for daylight

6m 30s

Lesson 15: Right into the sun

Shooting right into the sun at the Golden hour camera setting

10m 25s

Lesson 16: How to retouch golden hour photos

Golden hour photo are very precise to retouch because you often have the sun in the photo and the white balance is super important

5m 3s

Lesson 17: Using the app Photopills to find the right golden hour and sunset

That is the best app I have found to be able to shoot photos at certain time of the year where you want the sun to be at a specific place

10m 23s

Lesson 18: How to set up your camera to capture a sunset correctly

Sunset are tricky to capture because there is a lot of highlight and you want to make you sure you get all the information

7m 2s

Lesson 19: How retouch sunset of the Louvre in Paris

Here is a good example of a sunset in the Louvre in Paris

8m 27s

Lesson 20: How retouch sunset of Florida

Florida is known for having some of the most amazing sunset on earth, well here is one

6m 44s

Lesson 21: Camera Setting for blue hour photography

Blue hour is easier to capture as you have less of a dynamic range

6m 3s

Lesson 22: Santa Monica

Shooting and retouching a blue hour photo in Santa Monica Los Angeles

9m 18s

Lesson 23: Natural look

How retouch blue hour with a natural look, Paris photos.

22m 19s

Lesson 24: Retouching Blue Hour without a Tripod

How to retouch blue hour photos without a tripod Venice

1m 45s

Lesson 25: The Right Time to Shoot

How to use the app SOL to see all the different moments it’s best to shoot.

9m 29s

Lesson 26: Camera Set up

How to set up your camera to HDR photography

20m 18s

Lesson 27: HDR Efex pro intro

Using the free HDR Efex pro to retouch: Look out New Zealand

13m 10s

Lesson 28: HDREfex Pro Cottage

Using the free HDR Efex pro to retouch: Cottage New Zealand

15m 32s

Lesson 29: Intro Aurora HDR

Using the Aurora HDR to retouch your photos, project sunset Queenstown

13m 39s

Lesson 30: Aurora Project Two

Using the Aurora HDR to retouch your photos, project Hills Queenstown

8m 52s

Lesson 31: Aurora Project Three

Using the Aurora HDR to retouch your photos, project Big Sur, California

6m 22s

Lesson 32: Aurora Project Four

Using the Aurora HDR to retouch your photos, project Downtown, LA

7m 37s

Lesson 33: All natural

Back to a more natural version. It is a good exercise to see what works best for your taste

15m 30s

Lesson 34: Digital Blending

Digital blending an alternative to HDR for a more natural result, Paris photo

6m 49s

Lesson 35: Digital Blending Two

Digital Blending Grand Canyon shot, to get a natural look of the Antillope Canyon

10m 42s

Lesson 36: Shooting a Long Exposure

Long Exposure Introduction and New Zealand shoot

12m 50s

Lesson 37: Retouching Long Exposure

Retouching the river long exposure New Zealand

3m 7s

Lesson 38: Long exposure Santa Monica

Shooting a long exposure in Santa Monica Los Angeles

8m 58s

Lesson 39: Retouching Santa Monica

Retouching a long exposure in Santa Monica Los Angeles, plus we do a little introduction on panorama

12m 20s

Lesson 40: Super Long Exposure

Shooting super long exposure 5 to 8 minutes with an ND12, amazing effects

14m 37s

Lesson 41: No filter? No problem!

Shooting long exposures without a filter at any time using a Photoshop trick!

11m 58s

Lesson 42: How to shoot panoramas

How do you shoot a panorama? By hand or with a tripod? What hand motion is the best?

15m 1s

Lesson 43: Natural Panorama

Shooting and retouching a panorama Lake New Zealand, a great day light photo

15m 10s

Lesson 44: Walt Disney Concert Hall Panorama

One of my favorite panorama ever: Walt Disney Concert Hall

13m 56s

Lesson 45: Where exactly is the Milky Way?

How to find the best conditions to shoot the stars and the Milky Way?

8m 30s

Lesson 46: Camera Setting

What camera setting is best for shooting the stars and the Milky Way

6m 33s

Lesson 47: Astrophotography Project One

Retouching a simple Milky way photo

6m 32s

Lesson 48: Astrophotography Project Two

Retouching a panorama with the Milky way

7m 24s

Lesson 49: Astrophotography Project Three

Retouching the Milky way with good foreground elements

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