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Creative Composites: The Lady of Versailles

A Composite Course Fit For a Queen!

In this course I take you through a full composite project, from start to finish, of a beautiful queen in the Palace of Versailles!

I’ll show you how to use multiple elements and combine them seamlessly into one gorgeous composite. I’ll show you how to create a glamorous look of a royal woman in Versailles.

This is a very fun project that includes all of the source files so you can follow along and create the same composite.

Details & Requirements

Length: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Most Popular In-Depth Photoshop

Required Software: Lightroom CC & Photoshop CC

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Model Before

Versailles Before

Our Final Composite!


19m 19s

Lesson 1: Background Preparation and Clean Up

In this video we are going to erase all of the tourists by using a not very well known option tool - Stack Modes !

16m 25s

Lesson 2: Background lights

Next we are going to add a lot of rays of lights coming from the windows and re-light the entire Hall of mirrors of Versailles!

18m 0s

Lesson 3: Skin clean-up

Using Frequency Separation we are going to clean up the skin of our star!

19m 35s

Lesson 4: The Mask

Let's make some precise selections and refine the edges so it blends seamlessly.

20m 13s

Lesson 5: The Final Touches

Now we will add the final touches to blend our model into the photo!

Source Files

Contains all of the RAW files used in this course as well as the finished compositions so you can follow along!

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