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Composition Master Class

The Next Level of Training for a Photographer
In this course I go over how I find my compositions, show you behind the scenes of me finding the "right" shot and how I retouch and finalize my photos once I have figured out the correct composition for my photo's message.

I get a lot of photos from fans and photographers from around the world. I find that a lot of people master Photoshop & Lightroom very quickly but to take their photo career, as a professional or even a hobby, to that next level is how to find the right composition for their photos.

So for this training, I have done my best to really share the rules I'm using, my personal process and what can make a photo good or really great!

Details & Requirements

Length: 1 Hour 52 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

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Required Software: Lightroom & Photoshop

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

The Library

The Stairs to Heaven

The Pyramid and the Cactus

Pyramid of the Sun

The Cube


9m 7s

Lesson 1: Behind the Scenes

This video will take you behind the scenes as I am searching for the "right" composition.

8m 46s

Lesson 2: The Pyramid of the Sun - Composition

Finding the right the composition. I will show you the different photos I took of the Pyramid of the Sun and the process that I use to find the right composition. 

11m 9s

Lesson 3: The Pyramid of the Sun - Basic Retouching

In this video I will show you the basic retouching that I do before stitching together the panorama.

6m 27s

Lesson 4: The Pyramid of the Sun - Stitching

We are going to use Autopano pro to stitch the panorama together, I will also show you how to do it in Photoshop. 

8m 0s

Lesson 5: The Pyramid of the Sun - Drama

In this video how we are going to add drama to the final stitched panorama to make it pop!

12m 58s

Lesson 6: The Stairs to Heaven

I will show you the different compositions I tried to do with this stairs leading to a unique tree and sunset and the full retouch process.

8m 43s

Lesson 7: The Pyramid and the Cactus - Basic Retouch

I will show you how I try different compositions with the Pyramid of the Sun and how I ended up with the shot with the cactus. I will also show you the basic retouching before stitching. 

11m 0s

Lesson 8: The Pyramid and the Cactus - Stitching

We are going to use both Autopano pro and Photoshop to stitch this pano together. I will show you the difference between the two results and how they each handle the challenge.

9m 46s

Lesson 9: The Pyramid and the Cactus - Drama

The final retouch to get it to true drama!

7m 46s

Lesson 10: The Library - The Composition

The amazing Mexico library is a challenge to shoot, I will show the different angles I tried until I found something that worked. 

5m 39s

Lesson 11: The Library - Stitching

Stitching this pano with Autopano was a challenge, we are going to go deeper in the software so that we have a precise architectural composition. 

3m 8s

Lesson 12: The Library - The Final Touches

Some final touches to make this photo pop!

9m 34s

Lesson 13: The Cube

I will show you how I shot and composed this shot of the building that I call The Cube (it 's real name is the UNAM).

Source Files

Contains 20 of my high-resolution RAW photos to follow along with these projects

iPad Videos

Contains all lessons as iPad compatible videos

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