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Animating Still Photos: Quickstart

Bring your Still Photos to Life
In this course, two-time Emmy Award-winning graphic designer Erick Geisler will teach you how to take your still photos and turn them into beautiful animations.

We start off with some simple Photoshop basics and then you learn a few easy techniques in Adobe After Effects. In just a few short minutes you will transform still photos into moving works of art.

Details & Requirements

Length: 3 Hours 6 Minutes

Experience Level: Intermediate

Tags: Most Popular Specialties Workflow

Required Software: Photoshop & After Effects

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

Animating a Still Portrait

Animating a Still Photo of a Horse

Animating Still Composite Photography


4m 53s

Lesson 1: Introduction to Perspective & Parallax

Lets take a minute and quickly go over perspective and the basics behind animating still photography

12m 6s

Lesson 2: Separating your foreground object

This lesson starts you off on the easiest of techniques to help you get the movement on still photographs made famous by Ken Burns. Isolating and correcting elements of a photo for animation in Photoshop.

10m 43s

Lesson 3: Creating Basic Motion

Importing & animating the elements of a photograph in After Effects as well as exporting it.

11m 35s

Lesson 4: Separating your Foreground Object

Masking and isolation of the foreground element in Photoshop & getting in-depth with the photoshop workflow.

7m 45s

Lesson 5: Preparing your Background

Creating a version of the background image that alows for motion and parallax.

7m 42s

Lesson 6: Extracting Foreground Elements

Extracting even more elements from the foreground for additional animation and depth perspective.

8m 39s

Lesson 7: Creating the "Ken Burns" Effect

Importing beginning the animation process in After Effects and setting the project up.

8m 9s

Lesson 8: Motion Techniques

Here we are going to get into advanced motion with more depth and adjusting our anchor points to match motion with other elements as well as creating masks and animating additional elements all in After Effects.

5m 52s

Lesson 9: Adding Moving Sun Rays

Lets add additional effects and animate them in After Effects so as to increase the effect of motion on our image.

5m 21s

Lesson 10: Adding Final Details and Exporting

Now lets finalize our project and add a tiny bit more depth to the overall image and export it for use.

14m 25s

Lesson 11: Cutting our Your Main Character

First we begin with cutting out in Photoshop our main focus, the character, the foreground.

11m 47s

Lesson 12: Clone Stamping Techniques - Part 1

Now that we have our main subject isolated, we are going to clean up our background layer so as to remove the character completely and have an animatable and movable background layer.

13m 33s

Lesson 13: Clone Stamping Techniques - Part 2

Here we continue where we left off in the last lesson and get into additional clonestamp techniques so you get a great result fast taking into account perspective and what we will see in the final product.

11m 13s

Lesson 14: Duplicating Elements

Isolating additional elements for parallax and duplicating pieces elements we do have so we can correct what we are missing.

10m 14s

Lesson 15: Extracting Perspective Elements - Part 1

Now we are goign to extract even more foreground elemnts to really enchance the 3d motion expiereince.

19m 21s

Lesson 16: Extracting Perspective Elements - Part 2

Continuing from last lesson and extracting even more elements in the foreground and background.

12m 4s

Lesson 17: Creating Parallax - Part 1

Here we create our After Effects project, import our elements for animation and set up our perspective in our project.

11m 29s

Lesson 18: Creating Parallax - Part 2

Adding our final foreground elements in After Effects and finalizing the animation.

Source Files

Includes everything you need to follow along with this course, source images, After Effects projects, PSDs and finals!

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