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Adobe Lightroom Masterclass

My Masterclass covering the complete Training for the brand-new Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic!

This course will take you through ALL of the features of Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic, from start to finish in detail!

In over 68 lessons (7 hours of training!) I take you through 9 projects using Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic.

I teach you my entire workflow in Lightroom and we explore all of the features of Lightroom CC and Classic, from the basic to the advanced - you'll learn everything about Lightroom CC and Classic!

This course includes the 24 raw source files I use in all of my lessons. 

Details & Requirements

Length: 7 Hours 7 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Most Popular Lightroom

Required Software: Lightroom Classic or Lightroom Mobile

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets









Santa Monica Mountains - Before

Santa Monica Mountains - After

Lightroom CC Panorama - Before

Lightroom CC Panorama - After

Lightroom CC Panorama #2 - Before

Lightroom CC Panorama #2 - After

Lightroom CC HDR - Before

Lightroom CC HDR - After

Lightroom CC Panorama #3 - Before

Lightroom CC Panorama #3 - After

Lightroom CC Black and White - Before

Lightroom CC Black and White - After

Lightroom CC Portrait #1 - Before

Lightroom CC Portrait #1 - After

Lightroom CC Split Toning - Before

Lightroom CC Split Toning - After

Lightroom CC Portrait #2 - Before

Lightroom CC Portrait #2 - After

Lightroom CC Selective Color - Before

Lightroom CC Selective Color - After


12m 12s

Lesson 1: Intro

What's new in Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic

6m 16s

Lesson 2: Lightroom CC: Overview

We are going to see in what case you need Lightroom CC over classic and a brief overview of the user interface

4m 39s

Lesson 3: Lightroom CC: Importing

Let's import some photos from a local SD card and from an Iphone

5m 52s

Lesson 4: Lightroom CC: Basic Retouching

Let's dive into retouching and in this video you will see the most used options

2m 46s

Lesson 5: Lightroom CC: Noise Reduction

How to reduce noise in a photo

4m 23s

Lesson 6: Lightroom CC: Optics and Geometry

How to correct lens distortions

8m 1s

Lesson 7: Lightroom CC: Local tools

The power lies in the local tools: The brush, the linear gradient and the radial filters

11m 7s

Lesson 8: Lightroom CC: More Retouching

Let's retouch from A to Z three more photos with using the basic retouching we have done so far

7m 26s

Lesson 9: Lightroom CC: Presets

How to create and import presets and the difference between Lightroom CC presets and Lightroom Classic

3m 2s

Lesson 10: Lightroom CC: Finding your photos

How to find your photos in Lightroom CC

2m 20s

Lesson 11: Lightroom CC: Exporting your photos

How to get your photo's out of Lightroom and into the world and how to update your Lightroom CC software

8m 0s

Lesson 12: Lightroom Classic: Importing from a Memory Card

How to import your photos from a memory card

2m 26s

Lesson 13: Lightroom Classic: Importing from a Hard Drive

How to import photos already on your HDD

2m 9s

Lesson 14: Lightroom Classic: Copyright

How to add a copyright as you import

3m 47s

Lesson 15: Lightroom Classic: Moving Folders & Locations

How to move folders and photos into Lightroom, and how to correct things if Lightroom doesn’t find some folders or photos

2m 31s

Lesson 16: Lightroom Classic: Importing Videos

How to import videos and how to extract a single photo

4m 51s

Lesson 17: Lightroom Classic: Faces

Sorting out your photos by portrait recognition is a cool option in Lightroom

6m 7s

Lesson 18: Lightroom Classic: Visualizing Photos

I show you my methods for visualizing photos

9m 19s

Lesson 19: Lightroom Classic: Sorting

How to sort your photos using stars, colors and flags

2m 18s

Lesson 20: Lightroom Classic: Spray Tool

The spray tool, you can spray keywords and colors

3m 42s

Lesson 21: Lightroom Classic: JPG vs Raw

What is the difference between JPG and Raw files

7m 23s

Lesson 22: Lightroom Classic: Understanding Collections

Collections, what are they and how to create and use them

3m 1s

Lesson 23: Lightroom Classic: Stacking Photos

Use the stack options to group photos together

9m 30s

Lesson 24: Lightroom Classic: Exporting Photos

How to export your photos out of Lightroom

3m 21s

Lesson 25: Lightroom Classic: Watermarking

How to watermark your photos

3m 2s

Lesson 26: Lightroom Classic: Updating Devices

How to update your photos on your iPhone or iPad with Lightroom

1m 55s

Lesson 27: Lightroom Classic: Emailing from Lightroom

How to email a photo directly from Lightroom

6m 39s

Lesson 28: Lightroom Classic: Using Keywords

How to apply keywords to your photos

3m 49s

Lesson 29: Lightroom Classic: Backing Up Photos

I show you how I back up my photos in a fully automatic way, safe for lazy people!

4m 24s

Lesson 30: Lightroom Classic: Exporting / Importing / Backup

How to export, import and backup your catalog

3m 54s

Lesson 31: Lightroom Classic: Searching Photos

How to search your photos

6m 57s

Lesson 32: Lightroom Classic: Tone Sliders & Histograms

The basic tone sliders, a short explanation of the histogram and how they relate to these settings

4m 51s

Lesson 33: Lightroom Classic: White Balance

What White Balance is and how to set it properly?

3m 25s

Lesson 34: Lightroom Classic: Vibrance, Saturation & Clarity

How to set up vibrance, saturation and clarity on your photos

5m 40s

Lesson 35: Lightroom Classic: Curves

Curves. How to set the curves

7m 24s

Lesson 36: Lightroom Classic: HSL Sliders

Hue, Saturation and Luminance sliders, very powerful tools to set your colors as you like

7m 2s

Lesson 37: Lightroom Classic: Sharpening & Noise Reduction

Noise and sharpen, how to get the noise out and sharpen your photos

6m 49s

Lesson 38: Lightroom Classic: Correcting Lens Distortion

Lens distortion, how to correct it

4m 41s

Lesson 39: Lightroom Classic: Calibration

Camera Calibration

6m 13s

Lesson 40: Lightroom Classic: Graduated Filter

Tool Bar: Graduated filter, a powerful tool to make great skies!

7m 58s

Lesson 41: Lightroom Classic: Brush Tool

Tool Bar: Brush Tool, how to change local lights and colors on your photo like a painter!

5m 49s

Lesson 42: Lightroom Classic: Radial Filter

Tool Bar: a new filter in Lightroom that has many uses

2m 39s

Lesson 43: Lightroom Classic: Spot Removal

Tool Bar: Spot removal tool

3m 25s

Lesson 44: Lightroom Classic: Crop Tool

Tool Bar: The crop tool

9m 14s

Lesson 45: Lightroom Classic: Panorama in Lightroom CC Project #1

Lightroom CC can merge panoramas and keeps them in a raw file format!

3m 51s

Lesson 46: Lightroom Classic: Panorama in Lightroom CC Project #2

Let’s see another example of a panorama

11m 28s

Lesson 47: Lightroom Classic: HDR Project #3

The new Lightroom can create a super raw HDR file

5m 2s

Lesson 48: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #4

A full retouch from A to Z of a daylight photo as a panorama

6m 16s

Lesson 49: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #5

How to make a dramatic Black and White

8m 35s

Lesson 50: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #6

Retouching a portrait!

5m 15s

Lesson 51: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #7

Split toning is a great way to give a look to a photo

11m 42s

Lesson 52: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #8

Beauty shot retouch full workflow

8m 32s

Lesson 53: Lightroom Classic: Retouching Project #9

How to make a selective color black and white

7m 49s

Lesson 54: Lightroom Classic: Presets

I will show you how you can create and install presets

10m 35s

Lesson 55: Lightroom Classic: Working with Photoshop and other plug ins

I will show you how to communicate with Photoshop from Lightroom and other softwares

7m 22s

Lesson 56: Lightroom Classic: Map Module

The Map module, what it does and how it can be used

18m 59s

Lesson 57: Lightroom Classic: Book Module - Layout

How to create a cover and lay out your pages

8m 20s

Lesson 58: Lightroom Classic: Book Module - Auto Layout

Making a book the easy way with auto layout

6m 5s

Lesson 59: Lightroom Classic: Book Module - Text Tools

Learning how to use the text tools

17m 36s

Lesson 60: Lightroom Classic: Slideshow Module - Basics

How to make and export a slideshow

7m 45s

Lesson 61: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Basics

Printing a simple image

2m 14s

Lesson 62: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Contact Sheets

How to make a contact sheet

3m 33s

Lesson 63: Lightroom Classic: Print Module Picture package

The Picture Package, printing the same photo at different sizes on the same sheet

8m 29s

Lesson 64: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Custom Package

The custom package, how to print different photos on the same paper and how to print to a file

6m 17s

Lesson 65: Lightroom Classic: Print Module - Color Management

Understanding the ICC profile for web display or printing

7m 20s

Lesson 66: Lightroom Classic: Web Galleries - HTML

Create and manage HTML web galleries

8m 28s

Lesson 67: Lightroom Classic: Web Galleries - New HTML 5

Create and manage HTML 5 web galleries

4m 7s

Lesson 68: Lightroom Classic: Web Galleries - Hosting

How to get your galleries on-line using a hosting plan


Well done for finishing - what is your next step?

Source Files

All the lesson files in RAW format for you to follow along with every lesson.

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