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HDR Master Class 2017

This is my full HDR shooting and retouching workflow updated with the latest methods for 2017.

I will show you how to use the Amazing Aurora HDR and HDR Efex Pro to get amazing HDR results!

I show you my detailed workflow to retouch HDR using Lightroom, and Photoshop (including digital blending).

These 25 lessons cover 12 full photoshoots!

Details & Requirements

Length: 2 Hours 49 Minutes

Experience Level: Beginner

Tags: Most Popular Lightroom

Required Software: Aurora HDR, Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, HDR Efex Pro

Read these instructions to get started with the course: Read Me 1st on Training

Read these instructions for help on installing presets: Read Me 1st on Presets

New York Before

New York After

Paris HDR Before

Paris HDR After

New York Before

New York After

HDR Sky Before

HDR Sky After

New Zealand Park Before

New Zealand Park After

Grand Canyon Before

Grand Canyon After

Mont Saint Michel Before

Mont Saint Michel After

HDR Digital Blending Before

HDR Digital Blending After

Corsica Before

Corsica After

Downtown Los Angeles Before

Downtown Los Angeles After

Downtown Los Angeles Before

Downtown Los Angeles After


13m 0s

Lesson 1: HDR intro Camera Settings

HDR Camera Settings and Intro

6m 21s

Lesson 2: HDR Efex Pro Windows

For Windows user I'm going to process the same sunset downtown Los Angeles Photo this time using the free software from Google HDR Efex Pro

7m 57s

Lesson 3: Aurora HDR Downtown Sunset

This time we are going to dive down more in the menus retouching another photo from our live shoot of Downtown Los Angeles

4m 23s

Lesson 4: HDR Efex Pro Blue hour downtown

For Windows user I'm going to process the same blue hour downtown Los Angeles Photo this time using the free software from Google HDR Efex Pro

11m 31s

Lesson 5: Grand Canyon sunrise Aurora HDR

Let's do a classic sunrise retouch with doing a bit of work in Lightroom to get the colors right before jumping into Aurora

6m 17s

Lesson 6: Grand Canyon sunrise Efex

Let’s retouch the same series with Efex Pro and see what we get

6m 52s

Lesson 7: Antelope Canyon Aurora

A series of brackets from the famous canyon. You will see the importance of layers to create contrast of glow vs detailed

2m 55s

Lesson 8: Antelope Canyon Efex

Same series with Efex pro. This time we don’t retouch before going into the plugin

16m 29s

Lesson 9: Mont Saint Michel HDR

In this video we will make this a little tougher with retouching the sky before going into the software and erasing tourist in the final result with the help of Photoshop

4m 30s

Lesson 10: Mont Saint Michel EFex Pro

In this video I’m going to try to do the same thing with Efex Pro, but this time I’m not very happy about the result

9m 42s

Lesson 11: Digital Blending

Sometime when you want to select what photo is going to give what element, the way to do is good old digital blending in Photoshop

5m 54s

Lesson 12: Corsica Aurora

In this video I want to show you on you can bring back a warm sunset using a special preset in Aurora

5m 31s

Lesson 13: Corsica Efex Pro

In this video I show you the same photo then video 12 but this time in HDR Efex pro !

6m 45s

Lesson 14: Aurora Ghost Reduction New Zealand

In this video I will show you the ghost reduction features and how important it is when you have moving objects

2m 46s

Lesson 15: Efex Pro New Zealand

As usual let’s process this series and you will see very fast the limitation of HDR Efex Pro

6m 59s

Lesson 16: Aurora Paris

A classic high dynamic scene handled greatly by Aurora HDR

2m 3s

Lesson 17: Efex pro failure

In this video you will see that I will not be able to HDR the same photo because the Fstop are too far apart and the result is not nice

8m 11s

Lesson 18: Aurora New York Long exposure

Playing around with a ND filter can give you some funny experience, we are going to use this amazing feature in Aurora to get one of the exposure partially painted back in !

3m 51s

Lesson 19: Efex New York Long Exposure

This series are very well handled by Efex pro and give a cool HDR result

5m 9s

Lesson 20: Single HDR

You can also use Aurora and other HDR programs to retouch one photo instead of 3 and use it’s power to give it a look

3m 11s

Lesson 21: Single HDR

You can also use Efex PRO to retouch one photo instead of 3 and use it’s power to give it a look, we have less options then in Aurora but it still cool !

8m 23s

Lesson 22: Aurora Black and White HDR

You can also use an HDR software to create super dramatic Black and white

3m 50s

Lesson 23: Efex Black and white

Let’s explore the workflow of Black and White using HDR Efex pro

3m 40s

Lesson 24: Aurora Irish Bar

Walls and old city with great textures do well with HDR

13m 0s

Lesson 25: HDR and Sky replacement

In this final workflow we are going to retouch first in Lightroom, then HDR, then replace the sky and so some final touches a revision of the most complex workflow !

HDR Master Class 2017 Source Files

All of the Raw files used in this course so you can follow along!

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