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Plotographs - Animated Photographs

Animate your photos to make them look amazing by using Plotograph Pro.

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Stunning Motion

The above photo is one I took in Switzerland and it is a semi long exposure. In person the motion was amazing and using this simple software I was able to really bring it to life!

Mac or PC

The software is amazingly fast as it uses cloud servers to do all the processing for you, so it doesn't matter how powerful your computer is. It also works on a Mac or A PC.


The software lets you use a video (MP4) or a Gif. This means you can easily share the gifs or videos to Facebook, or on any other social media.

Conciergerie in Paris

El Matador Beach in Los Angeles

The Mirage in Las Vegas

Downtown Los Angeles

Mont Saint Michel

Notre Dame

Queenstown, New Zealand

The Statue of Liberty

A city shot of Paris

The Tournelle in Paris

As you can see, some are more dramatic or subtle as I thought the photo called for it. The process is very simple and I will show it to you in one of my Youtube videos.

Dont forget to use my promo code photoserge and get 10% off!

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