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Bad Weather Lightroom Tutorial! - Turn Bad Weather into an Amazing Photo!

Covered: I take you on location in Switzerland to show you how to make bad weather photos into amazing ones!

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In this episode, follow me to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - where we shoot some beautiful rivers and waterfalls.

I will show some creative retouching to make your bad weather photos into amazing ones and I will give you 10 free presets called the Bad Weather series to make your bad weather photos pop!

Let's have some fun!

1. To install the presets download them here (make sure you have created an account on website and are logged, if not the link will not work):

2. Double click on the zip files to unzip the bad weather folder.

3. Go to your Lightroom, then Preferences and go to the Presets tab.

4. Click on the Show Lightroom Preset folder.

5. Go to the Develop Presets folder and paste the bad weather folder there.

6. Restart Lightroom and you are good to go !


Source Files

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Details & Requirements

Length: 24 minutes 4 seconds

Required Software: Lightroom CC

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