Review of your Photos and Landscapes Tips and Tricks Part 1

In this article, I review photos of photographers and give tips and tricks on landscape photography.

Hello my friends! In this article I am going to give you the result of a challenge that I did few month ago. I wanted to share with you my review on the photo and tell you what I like and what I would correct so you can have another point of view. My intention is not to bring people down, it is just what I think of the photo and it’s me giving a critic with my experience and my taste in Photography.

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So here was the photo that won the challenge, it was the most liked photo on Facebook:

This is not my favorite, but it was liked a lot. He is a really good photographer name Dr. Markus, he is from Romania and if you want to check out more of his work you can click here.

Now that we have our winner, I wanted to show some more photos, some that I really love, for example this photo:

I really love this photo of the rooftops of Dubai, his name is Stefan Schafer he is from Germany. I love the composition I think it is very powerful. You can find this work here.

He has really amazing photos.

Another photo that I love, is this one:

The lighting is not amazing, it would have been better with a nice sunset but I really love the contrast between the building and the skyline. His name is, Mostafa Ajjawi and he is a great photographer from Dubai I believe.

Here is another great photo of a New York

I love the light, the composition and the way we can go deep into the streets. This photo was taken by Steven Brener, I met him last time I was in New York, he is a great photographer and a really cool guy. You can check out his 500px page here.

Now let’s go into some critics. Once again this is only my viewpoint and I want you guys to improve and give you tips so you can create what you want with your photography. This is my taste and every being is different.

So here is the first photo:

I like this photo, it is really nice but I think that the sky is a bit boring. I used to do that when I just started photography, I was shooting from 8 pm to 2 am because Paris is amazing at night but when I showed my photos to a photographer and he told me that the best time to shoot is at golden hour, the blue hour and sunset, then it is too dark and your sky is just pitch black.

Next we have this photo:

I like this photo a lot, the lighting is nice but I would have make the sky smoother with less clarity and the second thing I don’t really like about this photo is the subject, those buildings are not specially beautiful. This is a nice composition though.

Here we have a photo of Las Vegas:

On this photo, I would have set a tripod, take a photo and then take another photo 30 minutes after but without moving the tripod and mix the two photo together. Because I could have a very nice sunset and I would mix it with the city lights on so we have a nicer light in the sky and on the buildings. On this photo the city looks nice but the sky is a bit boring.

Next photo is a skyline with some water in the foreground:

I like this photo but unfortunately the light is not nice enough. The water looks silky which is nice but the overall photo looks a bit desaturated. But this is my viewpoint, if I would have a sunset with red and blue and would have make it more dramatic, but you know how crazy I am about saturated skies, drama and magenta! Or if the sunset is not amazing I would go black and white. One thing I like about this photo is the composition, with the rule of third.

Here we have another shot:

This is a photo of my friend Anthony Fields (check out his 500px here), I was with him when he shot that photo, a really nice long exposure. The only thing I would have done differently is; I would not have put the rocks in the foreground I think there is too much things going on. But honestly it is a really amazing shot!

And now we go back to Las Vegas:

This is a nice shot but once again we have a black sky, which bothers me and I don’t think the elevator contribute really to the message, it is a bit boring so I would not have include it in the shot. But I really like the long exposure with the sky.

Here we have another photo:

This is a really saturated photo with a lot of colors and believe me people love that, it might be a bit much but to be honest I am addicted to colors and so I kind of like it. There is something about this photo I really like.

This is nighttime photo:

For me there is too much green and yellow, usually when you take nighttime photos you can get a lot of green, that is why I like to add magenta. The sky is pitch black so it is boring and the foreground element is not that interesting either. For me if there was a nice sunset and a nicer foreground it could have worked.

Next photo we are going to Italy!

I love this photo, Florence is so beautiful! The only problem is that we have a lot of tourists. For me without the people it could be a fine art print and with the people it is more like a postal card. Amazing light, amazing subject, nice composition but the tree on the right is a bit too big so I would have moved the left a little bit and maybe I would have said to the people that there was chocolate on the other side so they would not be in my shot. Or more simple, I would have apply a tourist erasing technique. I know in that kind of place it is hard to not have people in your frame.

I really like this next shot:

I really love this Singapore Skyline, this is the blue hour, he made it in a way that we have an interesting sky and still have the buildings properly lite up. The blue hour starts just after the sunset, when the sun is behind the horizon. And because he is shooting in the direction of the sun, we still have details in the sky. The only thing maybe I would have change is the crop, I would crop the photo before the yellow building on the left but that is just to be picky.

Now Paris!

This is a long exposure photo, but for me this photo is too much, the color cast from the ND filter is really present so we have a brown look to it, which is something I don’t really like about ND filters and the fact that it is very contrasty. I would love to retouch this photo in a light puffy way, not such a strong contrast. There is too much black in the sky. But the photo has potential, it could be interesting. Regarding the message it is pretty good, maybe I would have remove this yellow thing on the left.

This is it for this part 1, I hope that you learned something and that you will use it in your photos.

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