How to retouching interior design

In this article, I show you in a few steps how you can retouch your interior design photos.

Here is the final result of a interior design photo retouched:

Step 1. Select the correct white balance with the white balance picker tool and select something very white to have the correct white balance:

Step 2. Then I do my usual retouching with the highlights, shadows, white points, black points and the exposure:

Step 3. I do some dodge and burn using the radial filter to make the lighting more complex:

Step 4. There is a little of noise so I fix it with the detail section, and use the lens correction section to have no distortions.

Step 5. Now I go to Photoshop to take of the wrinkles on the bed, for that I use gausian blur. It makes the bed look better and it doesn’t attract too much attention.

And here is the final result of this interior design retouch:

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