How to make car light streaks in Photoshop

In this article I show you how you can make cool car light streaks in Photoshop

Here is the final result of the car light streaks:

Step 1. Take several photos of a steady subject from the same angle with cars passing by so you can capture as many car streaks. I import the photo in Lightroom and I did my usual retouch.

Step 2. Next I open those shots into layers in Photoshop, I auto-align my photos then I select one of the layers and I change the blending mode to screen.

Step 3. Because of screen the photo is brighter so I use the level to make it look darker as the other photos. Now I create a black mask and I take a brush make sure that white is the foreground color and I brush over the streaks at the bottom of the photo:

Step 4. I take the next layer and I repeat those steps with each layer.

Step 5. I merge the layers, then I duplicate it and I crop the photo. I did some sky replacement just to have a more interesting sky. Here is the final result:

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