How to make a Long Exposure Panorama

In this article I show you how you can do a long exposure panorama.

Here is a long exposure panorama I took in Los Angeles:

Step 1. To get this result I shot 18 photos of this monument at 117 seconds so we get a very dramatic sky and it removes the people walking by. Because we had a very slow shutter speed I set the ISO at 50 and f/22 and I had a ND filter on:

Step 2. Then I do a basic black and white retouch on the first photo and I synchronize the retouch to the other photos:

Step 3. I use Autopano to make those photos into a panorama:

Step 4. Now that I have my panorama I retouch it in Autopano:

I also went to photoshop to erase the ghost effect of the people in the photo.

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