How to create a high key photo in Lightroom

In this article I show you how to make a high key photo in Lightroom.

Here is the final result of the high key photo in Lightroom:

Step 1. I take a photo that is not crazy saturated; I set the saturation to -100, exposure to +60, shadows to +100 and lower my blacks. Then I crop the photo to make it more panoramic and lower the clarity to -15.:

Step 2. Now I take a big brush and I boost the exposure, I brush over the lower part of the photo. I make my brush smaller and I erase my brush over the bridge to keep details and I even add some clarity to make it pop.

Step 3. To make the photo more “high key”, I take a new brush and I boost the exposure, brush along the horizontal line. I take a gradient filter and I boost the exposure and lower the clarity to have a bright, smooth sky.

Step 4. I do some dodge and burn to make the lighting more interesting.

And here is the final result:

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