How to add a 3D object into a landscape using Photoshop

In this article I show you some tricks to set an object in 3D in your Landscape with Photoshop.

Hey there! How are feeling today? I hope that you will feel inspired in a few seconds because I am about to show some cool tricks to add 3D object into your landscape and I am going to use only Photoshop.

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The 3D with Photoshop became more and more easy, so I am going to show how to put this car in Paris! Here is the photo of Paris:

And here is the car:

It is a PSD file so it is ready to be use. To get the 3D object in the photo you have to go to windows > arrange > tile all vertically:

That way your photo is next to the 3D object:

I take the layer with the car and I drag it onto the photo of Paris:

Then I go on the photo of the car on the right and I press close:

Make sure that you have 3 windows open; one is called properties, the other layers and the last one 3D:

In the 3D panel make sure you are on the first icon:

Then on the top make sure that you are using the 4th icon and then you can just go forward with your mouse and make the car smaller:

I click on default camera and it moved the card facing me:

On the properties tab, in FOV I select the lens I shot the landscape with so I put 20 because it was a 20 mm:

I select now the first icon in the top:

Then I use the third icon to move the car up and down from now on I am going to set the car where I want it to be so I am going to use the 1st and 4th icon back and forth until I get the perfect position of the car:

Make sure that the grey horizontal line is behind the car not below it:

Now I use the first icon to move the car to the right:

I use the third icon and I move the car down and on the left:

With the first icon I make sure that my grey horizontal line is behind the car:

I take the third icon to position the car on the right spot, basically I move around with the first and fourth icon until I have the car the way I want it:

I use the fourth icon to push the car more in the back:

You can even see a shadow under the car! Cool right? So far it is pretty easy right, so let’s continue!

Now the color of the car doesn’t match the color of the background at all so I am going to fix that:

Double click on the lock of the landscape layer and press ok:

Press Command A then command C, go back on the car layer then to the 3D tab and click on environment:

In the 3D tab there is something called IBL (which stand for Image Bas Light) > I press new texture..

Press ok:

I click on edit texture:

Now press command V:

I am putting as the light my original photo. Command W to save:

I click back on the current view:

Now it is reflecting the environment but not the colors:

You can click on car paint:

I click on diffuse and select a dark red color:

Same with specular, I select it and take a dark red color. And here you have it your Red Mercedes!

To render it I have to click on the lower icon render the image:

Here you go, this is the final result right:

If you are into 3D I advise you to teach out a course of my friend Eric Gisler here. He is a master in it and I am sure you are going to learn a lot! it is amazing.

I hope that you enjoyed this article if you did well you only have to do one thing, share it!

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