A morning on the Pont des Arts

Here is the story behind this morning photo

I am doing my Paris in spring workshop and so me and my fellow photographers friends got up early to catch the sunrise and boy it was worth it! Sometimes I get disappointed in sunrises and it is a pain because you wake up early for nothing but this day it was amazing! One of the best sunrise I have ever seen in Paris! The key to get a good sunrise photo in Paris is to wake up before the first boat start going on the Seine river to get a smooth and flat water. 

Also today is my birthday and I really want to thank all of you guys for the nice birthday wishes and your constant support, because of you I can live my passion everyday and share it with you! Today I am doing -75% on all my courses to give back to you! Have a beautiful day and I will enjoy my last day of my Paris in spring workshop and take some cool photos of the Louvre! 

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