5 best tips for night photography

In this article I share with you my top 5 tips for you to get the best night photos!

Here is one of my night photo:

TIP 1: Make sure to have clouds and bigger the moon, nicer the light

TIP 2: Select the correct white balance, I like to use Tungsten and then I play around with the Temp and Tint and sometimes I use the camera calibration too:

TIP 3: I use the noise reduction for long exposure in the camera, so you have a very good file with not a lot of noise when you import it to develop it. It is very effective:

TIP 4: Shoot over f/14 so you get this star light effect on the streetlights and the water is silkier:

TIP 5: Play around with cars light streaks, it gives dimension and guide the eyes in your photo:

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